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Niagara Rectangle

Size: 4" x 8" x 2 3/8" ( 60mm )
 Burnt Red, Conestoga Buff Blend, Granite Blend, Walnut Blend.


This driveway is located in Marilla, NY.

Our Commitment
Any successful installation of paving brick starts with a solid understanding of the proper installation process. At Reboy Supply, we understand this and we work hard to help you with your project. From how - to advise to approved contractors we have the desire and knowledge to serve you.

Installation Process


Size: Multiple sizes x 2 3/8" ( 60mm )

Colors: Granite Blend, Burnt Red, Riverbed Blend.



Roman Border™

Size: 7.24 x 4.69/5.35 x 2.36 in

Colors: Charcoal.

This paver is perfect for use as a solider coarse to frame your project.

English Cobble™

Sizes: Mixed Bundle (Rectangle, Square and Small Rectangle combined)

Colors: Burnt Red, Conestoga Buff Blend, Granite Blend, Walnut Blend.

Old Mill Cobble

Sizes: Large Rectangle, Square and Rectangle.

Colors: Desert Grey Blend & Riverbed Blend.

Old Mill Cobble creates true random patterns with ease.

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