Deer Feeds by: Blue Seal Feeds®  &  Antler King®

Blue Seal Deer Pellets

Crude Protein, Min.  16%
Crude Fat, Min.       2.5%
Crude Fiber, Max.  12.5%
Formulated for Whitetail Deer, Fallow Deer, and Red Deer. They are typically fed by commercial venison producers, hunting and game clubs, and recreational wildlife observers.
Blue Seal Deer Pellets are generally recommended to be fed in the range of 0.5 to 3.0 lbs. per deer per day, depending on species, size, and environmental conditions. Animals should also have access to vegetation for browsing.
Blue Seal Wildlife Grains - Is for feeding Deer, Pheasant, and Wild Turkeys. Wildlife Grains contains multiple grain sources such as coarse-cracked corn and steamed-flaked corn, crimped oats, and steamed-flaked barley, all enrobed in molasses to attract a wide variety of species. It is ideal for ground feeding and is pellet free which means less waste when it gets wet. Now with cherry flavoring.

Note: Feeding Whitetail Deer is illegal in some states. If in doubt about local regulations, contact the State Fish & Game Department.
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