Oregon Chain

We stock chain in bulk and a make  your chain loop while you wait.

This assures that we have the right chain for your saw all the time.

We also sharpen chain using Oregon's professional
chain sharpening equipment. Bringing your chain back
to original specifications.


3/8 Pitch 72LG SUPER GUARD® round-ground chain
.050 gauge

72LG is a top-performing square-corner "chisel" cutters sever wood fibers completely in a single pass

Ramp-shaped depth gauges help reduce kickback without the weight or bulk of bumper drive links or tie straps

3/8 Pitch 91VG Chamfer Chisel™ (XtraGuard®)
.050 gauge

91VG Chamfer Chisel™ chain is a low-kickback, low-vibration XtraGuard® chain with an angular cutting corner that makes it an ideal choice not only for homeowners and occasional users, but also for commercial users such as arborists and utility workers.

3/8 Pitch 90SG (Micro-Lite™)
.043 gauge

90SG chain is part of a Micro-Lite™ narrow-kerf cutting system that requires less power from the saw to cut than standard cutting systems.
90SG is a low-kickback chain. Low-vibration chamfer-chisel cutters have an angular shape with twin cutting corners for excellent performance and edge-holding durability


 .325 Pitch 33SL and 35SL
33SL is .050 gauge
35SL  is .063 gauge

33SL & 35SL are a low-kickback, high-performance choice for users of .325"-pitch chain who prefer cutting a standard-size kerf.
Top-performing square-corner "chisel" cutters work fast by severing each wood fiber in a single pass
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