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Trophy Deer/Elk Pellets
50 lb. bag

Antler King® Trophy Deer Minerals
20 lb. bag

Antler King® Hi Protein Big Buck Block
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Why Feed Antler King® Trophy Deer/Elk Pellets VS Corn?

Corn Can be Harmful to Deer


Antler King® Trophy Deer/Elk Pellets

Deer have different nutritional needs throughout the year. The Antler King® Program is designed to meet these needs in the most economical way. Corn has been used extensively in feeding deer because it is a good source of energy and is almost always cheaper per ton than a commercially manufactured supplement. This use of corn has resulted in a continuing problem with grain engorgement. Grain engorgement is caused by the rapid intake of a large amount of corn or other grain sources over a short period of time. The grain is rapidly fermented which causes a rapid drop in rumen pH. This damages the rumen wall and may actually lower blood pH causing metabolic acidosis. A severe diarrhea can develop and death is often the result.
1. Dept of Natural Resources advises not to feed corn as a sole source of feed. Over consumption of corn can be harmful for deer. Damage to the digestive tract can occur and many times even death can occur. 1. The blend of Antler King® Trophy Deer/Elk Pellets and corn contains highly digestible fiber sources, concentrated yeast culture, minerals, and vitamins to ensure optimum digestion of all feedstuffs.

2. Very low in protein.


2. The high protein content of the blend leads to larger antlers, larger bodies, and healthier deer.
3. Corn is very low in minerals.
3. Contains over 3 times the level of minerals than corn.
4. No vitamins. 4. High vitamin content to aid in reproduction, daily maintenance, growth, and preventing disease and sickness.

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